Bee hoon 250g ( soak n wash ) 

Live White Shrimps 300g ( devain )


Live blue flower crab 500g 


Fish cake 1 big pc ( cut into slices )


Garlic 5 cloves ( minced )


Shallots 4 cloves ( minced ) 


Egg 1 ( beaten )


Napa cabbage 200g ( cut into smaller pieces )


Spinach 80g 


Broth  600cc  ( I used vege broth, u can use chicken or ikan billis broth ) 


Fish sauce 2 tbsp 


Salt 1 tsp


White pepper 1 tsp 


Vegetable oil 3 tbsp 




1. In the wok, heat up 2 tbsp of oil n put in half of the minced garlic, fry till fragrant n add in bee hoon n give a good mix. Set aside 

2. Using the same wok, add in the remaining vegetable oil n stir fry shallots till brown n crispy. Set aside 

3. Next, stir in beaten egg n give a quick stir n add in broth 

4. Once boil, add in crabs n simmer for 5 mins. Next add in fish cake, prawns n bee hoon n continue to simmer for another 5 mins 

5. Next, add in all the vegetables n mix evenly. Once boil, stir in fish sauce, salt n pepper 

6. Off heat n dish out. Sprinkle shallots, spring onion n lime. Enjoy



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