Tucked in the quaint Seletar West Farmway, Sunxion Seafood offers an array of live, fresh and frozen quality seafood sourced both locally and internationally. Our live produce are kept fresh in cold water tanks to stimulate marine environments. Alongside our regular seafood range, we also pride ourselves in providing seasonal changes to our repertoire to constantly bring new and exciting flavours. We make the process fuss-free by offering complimentary cleaning and packaging services, just ask our friendly team for on-the-spot gutting, descaling, cleaning, shucking and vacuum-packing services! You just need to focus on bringing your fresh seafood home to create a delicious and nutritious meal for your family.


Other than live produce, we offer an array of fresh and frozen seafood, alongside a range of artisanal condiments such as quality broths, seasonings to sauces. Bringing convenience to your neighbourhood is one of Sunxion's key goals - our seafood can be purchased at our retail, our online e-commerce site with doorstep delivery service provided. We at Sunxion Seafood believe in to making it convenient, fuss-free and easy for our fellow seafood enthusiasts!



Additionally, sustainability practices form a core of Sunxion's philosophy. Championing sustainability within our 20,000sqft facility, we proudly work with local farmers to promote sustainable seafood farming by providing a space for local rearing, as well as manufacturing a conducive environment to cultivate our local supply of fresh fish.



With over 80 types of seafood available for picking, becoming the epitome of all things seafood is our mission here at Sunxion. From a daily fresh seafood range to exotic seasonal varieties, not to mention exciting time-based promotions from time to time, there is always something new to discover at Sunxion Seafood!