1. What are your retail operational hours?
We are open daily from 9am to 6pm. Our retail will be closed on every first Monday of the month for cleaning.
2. Where is your retail outlet located at?
24 Seletar West Farmway 2, Singapore 798101
3. We are unable to reach you through the retail hotline, what should we do?
Due to overwhelming calls and customers, we will be unable to answer your calls. Not to worry, you can leave a whatsapp message via the same number. Alternatively, contact us through Facebook/Instagram Messenger too!
4. How much is minimum order for Free Delivery?
With minimum spending of $150 online, we deliver to you free! There will be a $30 delivery charge for orders under $150.
5. Why are there some products available in your retail that cannot be found online?
Certain items are seasonal / retail exclusive. Therefore they can only be bought when you walk-in to our retail.
6. Do you all do reservations for seafood sold in your retail?
Reservations of seafood will be on case to case basis. For Live products we do not do reservations due to mortality issues. If the Live product goes to "sleep" permanently, it cannot be sold anymore.
7. How long can we keep the oysters for after shucking?
If you plan to consume it raw, a maximum of 3 hours after shucking. Otherwise it is best advised to cook the oysters for consumption.
8. What is the difference between the delivery options?
  • Delivery: Ordinary delivery, with $150 minimum spending, delivery will automatically be free.
  • Shucking + Express Delivery: If you wish your oysters to be shucked for delivery or for last minute delivery orders for the next day. Option includes a delivery fee. Note that there will be a $26 surcharge for this option.
  • Self Collection: For self collection in our retail located at 24 Seletar West Farmway 2, Singapore 798101